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  1. Administer and manage ideas in a Forum

  2. Advanced CSS custom design with <body> classes

  3. Block a user on your Forum

  4. Can I add the UserVoice Facebook app to my personal page or my app page?

  5. Change (update) your Credit Card information

  6. Change plans

  7. Change the language of your Feedback Site

  8. Change vote limits

  9. Create and use custom fields

  10. Create rules for incoming tickets

  11. Create your own custom gadget for Inspector

  12. Create, organize and edit Topics for Helpdesk articles

  13. Customize the look of your UserVoice Site

  14. Delete your user profile

  15. Discount for annual billing

  16. Do you have a live chat feature?

  17. Do you have any introductory or overview video tutorials?

  18. Email is taken - changing an admin email address

  19. Get notified of new tickets, comments or ideas

  20. Get your Key and Secret from Salesforce

  21. How do users change their notification settings?

  22. How does the iOS (iPhone/iPad) SDK work?

  23. How voting works

  24. I can't log into my admin console

  25. Import articles

  26. Import Ideas

  27. Inspector sidebar and gadgets

  28. Install the UserVoice Facebook App on your Facebook Page

  29. Modify your DNS records to ensure ticket emails reach customers

  30. Multi-language options for your UserVoice site

  31. Navigating Your UserVoice site (VIDEO)

  32. Organize tickets and create new queues (folders)

  33. Position articles within a Helpdesk Topic

  34. Salesforce Integration: Turn new users into leads

  35. Search tickets by date

  36. Set up custom email addresses for tickets with email forwarding

  37. Set up Domain Aliasing

  38. Set up SSO (Single Sign-On)

  39. Setting up a Forum

  40. Setting up your UserVoice Site

  41. Setup the UserVoice Widget

  42. Single Sign On (SSO) and how it works

  43. Tag and find tickets quickly

  44. The difference between an agent, admin and owner

  45. The importance of design should not be underestimated

  46. Ticket forwarding with Office365

  47. Ticket Insights Report (and what it tells you)

  48. UserVoice Salesforce Integration

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