UserVoice Widgets (and how they work)

Widgets allow you to engage users directly on your website. You have a couple of different widgets to choose from. We'll explain how they work, and link you to our setup guides. 

The UserVoice Widget

This Widget includes the Contact Form, SmartVote and Satisfaction. You can use one, two or all three components of this widget.

Contact Form

This widget view allows users to submit tickets. 

Contact Form FAQs:
  • Users can take screenshots of the page when sending a ticket.
  • When a user enters their message, we match them to related articles or ideas, instantly answering their questions.
  • You can use custom fields on the Contact Form to gather additional data from a user.


You have a forum full of great ideas, but want to know how those ideas compare to one another. SmartVote shows a user two ideas, and they "pick" the one they want you to build next.

SmartVote FAQs:
  • After "picking" an idea, users will have the option to subscribe to that idea.
  • Users can go through multiple sets of ideas or a skip a set if they don't want either option.
  • Users can opt to post their own idea. 
  • You can auto-prompt users for feedback .
  • SmartVote does not work with SSO or private forums.


Use this widget to gauge customers's satisfaction. 

Satisfaction FAQs:
  • It asks the user, "How likely would you be to recommend {organizations name} to a friend or colleague?"
  • The user can then choose any number on a scale of 0—10.
  • After the user chooses the score, they are invited to submit a ticket and explain why they picked that number.
  • If a user chooses a 9 or 10, you can also encourage them to tweet about it.
  • You can auto-prompt users for a Satisfaction Rating

Ready to set up the UserVoice Widget? Get details on setup in this handy guide.

The Classic Widget

Maybe the UserVoice widget isn't quite the experience you're looking for. You want something a little different or need a widget that will work with SSO and a private forum/site. Our Classic Widget might be the perfect fit!

On the left, articles and/or ideas are displayed (depending on your settings). Users can submit tickets, create ideas and vote within the widget. The Classic Widget uses Instant Answers (just like the UserVoice widget).

Check out this handy guide on setting up the Classic Widget.

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