Import Ideas

You have a bunch of ideas that you need to upload. You don't want to enter them individually, so how can you import them all at once?

What formatting do I use?

Before you import your ideas, make sure they are UTF-8 encoded (formatted). If you're not technical, you're probably wondering what planet we're from. So do we sometimes :) 

UTF-8 encoding is used across the web, and is basically a universal format. Since our software recognizes UTF-8 encoding, it will translate UTF-8 encoded text with no problems.

If you upload ideas that use another type of encoding or formatting, our system will try and interpret it. But it probably won't guess correctly every time. This can result in strange characters or messed up words.  

To avoid this make sure your articles/idea are all UTF-8 encoded before adding them to the import template. 

How do I import the ideas?

  1. Click on Feedback in the left hand menu, and click on the Forum where you want to import the ideas.
  2. Click on the gear icon next to "Add Idea" and choose "Bulk Upload Ideas."
  3. Download the template, and enter the ideas. You can enter the title, description, vote count, category, user, response etc... Make sure if you enter creation/response dates that you format it YYYY-MM-DD.
  4. Then upload your file, and you're done!

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