Administer and manage ideas in a Forum

Your Feedback Forum gives you multiple ways to manage your ideas. In fact, sometimes you might feel like there are too many choices. No worries. We’ll walk you through the basics, so you can use each feature to its full benefit.

To start, sign into your Admin Console and click Feedback. Choose one of your Forums. The “Ideas” tab, at the top, should be highlighted. You’ll see a list of all the ideas in that Forum.

Adding and Managing Ideas

  • Add Idea: Towards the top and to the right you’ll see “Add Idea.” It’s pretty straight forward. Create the title, description, choose the category (if you want), and which Forum. You even have the option to attach a file.

Now to the right of “Add Idea” you’ll see the gear icon. This gives you several more options.

  • Bulk Upload Ideas: This is if you’re transferring ideas from one account to another, or you received ideas through other channels and want to add them to your UserVoice Forum.

You will be prompted to download the CSV template. You can import idea Titles, Descriptions, Votes and Categories.

  • Move Ideas to Another Forum: This is an easy way to move ideas to a different Forum (it does have to be within the same UserVoice account, though).

So that’s how to manage your ideas for the Forum as a whole. Now we get more granular with each individual idea.

Updating an Idea’s Status

Next to each idea, you’ll see “Update Status.” Click the button to update an idea's status.

  • No Status: You can change the status for an idea back to “No Status” at any time.
  • Open: Under Review, Planned and Started: If you change the status to any of these options, the idea will still be considered open.
  • Closed: Completed and Declined: Both of these statuses will close the idea and return votes to users. Closed ideas will not appear in the Widget.

Whenever you update a status, you also have the option to write a note. It will appear on the Forum with the idea. You can also choose to send the note to subscribers, so they can notified of the status change. 

You can also customize the email address that the note will appear to come from. If you are on the Helpdesk or Full Service plan, then the default choice will be your default support address that you set in Settings → Tickets. If you are on a Feedback-only plan, the default choice will be

Editing Individual Ideas

Next to “Update Status,” you’ll see a gear icon. This will give you even more options for managing an idea.

  • Edit: This allows you to edit a current idea. You can change the title and description, which Forum it belongs in and its category. You also have the option to upload an attachment to the idea.
  • Update Status: It’s the same thing as the Status Update above. We just give you multiple places to do it.
  • Send Message to Subscribers: If you’re not updating the status, but still want to send your subscribers a message, you can. It also allows you to specify which email address you want users to reply to.
  • Merge Idea: This feature allows you to merge the idea into another one. This is helpful if you have several users who created very similar ideas. Learn more about merging ideas
  • Convert to Ticket: If you’re on one of our Full Service Plans, you also have the option to turn an idea into a ticket. This comes in handy when one of your customers submits a support request as an idea. Learn more about converting ideas into tickets.
  • Delete Idea: If you delete an idea, the votes will not be returned to users. If you delete an idea by mistake, you have the option to undo it.
  • Mark Idea as Spam: Let's you mark an idea as spam, which also removes it from the forum.

Managing Individual Ideas

Click on a specific idea, and you will be given more options. Across the top of an idea you’ll see four tabs—History, Comments, Users and Duplicates.

  • History: Shows you how many votes the idea has had in the last 60 days and when it was created.
  • Comments: As an Admin, you can edit a comment, delete it or mark it as spam.
  • Users: This is handy if you want to see who has voted for the idea and subscribed to it.
  • Duplicates: Notifies you if there are duplicate ideas you might not be aware of.

In the header, directly above the idea, you will see several more options.

  • Notes: View past notes you and any other Admin’s have made.
  • Updates: See a list of all status updates associated with the idea.
  • Messages: Scan a list of all messages sent to users subscribed to the idea.
  • Add Note: A note is when you want to communicate to other Admins about the idea. Only Admins will be able to see it.

Moderating Comments and Ideas on Your Forum

Moderating comments and ideas on your UserVoice site is available on our Pro Plan. Instead of being immediately published, ideas and comments are held until they’re approved by an Admin.

If you want to enable Pre-Moderation, go to Settings → Feedback → Scroll down to “Moderation” and click “Enable.” You’ll also have the option to allow your users to flag inappropriate content and set limits to prevent voter fraud.

With an idea in holding, you have the same editing options that you have with an approved idea. Learn more about moderating ideas and comments.

You should be all set to administer your Forum like a pro.

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