Change vote limits

Starting on our Standard Plan, you can change how many votes users receive on your Forum. 

The Advantage of a 10 vote Limit

By default users are given 10 votes per forum. We think there are several advantage to this. 

In every audience there is a certain subset of people that will vote on anything and everything if given the chance. They are your most vocal participants, and equate to roughly 10% of your users. 

While this may seem appealing at first, this often leads to unbalanced feedback from only that small minority, not the rest of your audience. Our default system limits the vocal minority by placing a ten vote limit on all participants. While this is customizable (on our Plus Plan), we encourage you to leave this limit, as it focuses your users’ votes to their top three ideas.

How to Change Your Vote Limits

However, we also realize you know your customers and industry best. So within each forum, you can change how many votes users are given.

  1. From within your Admin Console click on the Forum where you want to change the limit.
  2. Click the “Settings” tab.
  3. Scroll down to “Forum Topic” and on the left you'll see "Votes Allowed."
  4. Choose how many votes you want users to receive.
  5. Click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page.

What to Look Out For When Changing Voting Limits

If you go from say 10 votes per user to 20 votes per user, there are no problems. Users suddenly find they have more votes.

However, if you give users say 30 votes and then drop the votes allowed to 10, some of users could end up with a "negative" vote total.

If they've spent all their votes, even when ideas are closed or they remove votes from an idea, they won't get any votes back. Not until they have less than 10 votes out on ideas. 

Can I Give Certain Users More Votes?

No. Right now all users get the same amount of votes. However, we do have an idea on our Forum about allowing you to give certain users more votes. Be sure to vote and add your thoughts if you would like to see us add this feature.

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