Block a user on your Forum

Your Feedback site is about interacting with users. But sometimes you have users who are spamming the site or being unkind to other participants.

You need to be able to block them from creating ideas and commenting. And you can!

How to block a user

1. Log into the Admin Console and go to Feedback (left hand menu) → Click "Search ideas and Users."

2. Enter the user's email address.

3. When the user comes up in the search results, you'll see a gear icon on the right.

4. Click it and choose the "Block" option.

What does a blocked user see?

When a blocked user tries to sign in on your site (either to comment or create an idea), they will see a message "You have been blocked." 

How does blocking a user work with Single Sign On?

If you're passing a token for that SSO user, they will be logged in. However, they won't be able to comment or create an idea. If you don't want the user logged in at all, you will need to stop passing a token for that user. 

If your forums are private, you can also pass forum_deny in their token. You can find more details in our SSO documentation.

How does blocking users work with a Private Forum?

If you have a private Forum, you have several options. You can just block the user, and they won't be able to log in. If you're granting access by email address, you can also revoke their access. Learn more about managing users on a Private Forum.

I blocked a user, but they're still sending us tickets!

Users don't have to sign in to create a tickets, so blocking the user won't stop them from sending tickets. However, you can automatically mark those tickets as spam, so they don't clutter your queue. Check out this article on how to stop spam tickets from the same user.

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