Multi-language options for your UserVoice site

Maybe you're exploring UserVoice as an option or you want to use your current Feedback site in the international market. Either way, you need some multi-language features. What are your options with UserVoice?

Languages available

All our translations are maintained by our community.

We currently have 40+ languages available for the front end of your UserVoice site, and 12+ of those have been translated for the Admin console as well.

If your language isn't available yet (a translation must be 80% complete before it goes live), it probably hasn't been fully translated yet. You can view all our languages, their status, and submit translations on our translation portal.

(Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we don't support RTL languages at this time.)

Language options for your main UserVoice site

You can set the language of your UserVoice site as a whole, but it can only be one language for everyone. This would be the instructional text (UI elements) on the main landing page. For example, links like "Contact Support," "Give Feedback," the Welcome Message (for Full Service plans) and so on (screenshot).

Can I change the language based on the user?

  • Right now, there's no way for the language of your Feedback site to change based on the user, or for the user to select which language to view the site in. However, we do have an idea on our Forum about adding more multi-language options. Be sure to check it out!

Language support for Forums

Starting on our Premium Plan, you can create multiple Forums and set a different language for each one. So you could have one in Spanish, one in French and another in Chinese (or whatever language you want). All the UI elements within the Forum would be in that language. 

User generated content (like ideas and comments) are not auto-translated, though. They will be in whatever language the user writes them in.

Language support for Ticket Rules

You can create a rule that will take action based on the language the ticket is written in. So you can set it so if the user sends you a ticket in spanish, you send them a spanish auto-reply or assign to a specific agent or queue.

Language support for the Knowledge Base

Articles will be in whatever language you write them in. You can also use Helpdesk Topics to sort the articles by language.

Can I create a separate Knowledge Base for each language?

  • Not at this time. We do have an idea on our Forum about adding multi-language options for the Knowledge Base. Please add your thoughts to the idea: Multi-language support for Helpdesk

Language support for the Widget

The instructional text of the Widget reflects the language of your main UserVoice site. So if your site (as a whole) is in German, the Widget's instructional text will be in German.

Instructional text would include the place holder text when a user is creating an idea or sending a ticket, the Knowledge Base and Feedback titles on the left. And the "Contact us" and "Give Feedback" buttons at the top (screenshot).

However, the ideas on the left hand side will reflect the language of the Forum the Widget points toward. The articles will be shown in whatever language they were written.

Can the widget detect the user's language and show the content in that language?

Why is the Feedback Tab still showing in English?

  • The wording on the Feedback tab is actually customizable, so when you create a widget, you can customize the text on the tab. This article outlines how to setup and customize your widget. 

Language options for the Admin Console

Each Admin can set the language of the Admin Console (this is done per Admin, not per account). So one Admin can view the console in Spanish, while another could view it in Turkish.

I need to fully support multiple languages, what's my best option?

If you want users to be able to see the full site in their own language, you can create multiple accounts. This is a bit more to manage, but it allows users to fully interact with your Feedback/Helpdesk site in their own language. It's not ideal for every business, but we have a lot of customers who have found success with this approach.

Add your thoughts to our multi-language ideas!

Please add your thoughts to the ideas on our Forum. Tell us how you would like this to work and why (this really helps us when deciding on and implementing ideas). We check the Forum on a daily basis, so we are listening!

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