Organize tickets and create new queues (folders)

You have a ton of tickets and a customer team to organize. You need an easy way to assign tickets and keep them all straight. 

Starting on our Enhanced Plan, you can create multiple Support Queues. So you can assign tickets to a queue (instead of just Admins). They're easy to set up and simple to use. We'll walk you through the process.

How to Create Support Queues

Click on "Settings" in the Admin Header → Choose "General" from the drop down menu → Click "Ticket fields, queues and rules" → Click "Support Queues.

"Unassigned" is the default queue already set up on your account (and can't be deleted or renamed). 

Click "Add a new queue."

You'll have several options when creating a queue.

Queue Name: This will be displayed in the Ticket Menu.

Notify: You can choose which Admins are notified when a ticket is assigned to that queue. So you could notify your Admins handling sales when new tickets are assigned to the "Sales" queue. The same with your customer team and the "Support" queue.

Delete: Delete's the queue and transfers the tickets to the unassigned queue (they won't be deleted).

You can edit a queue's name, who's notified and delete it at any time (except for the default "Unassigned" queue). 

How to Reorder Your Queues

You can also reorder the queues, which affects what order they appear in the Ticket Menu.

How to Assign to a Queue

Now that your Support Queues are all set up, you can start using them! When you get a ticket, and click "Assigned to...", you'll now have two sets of options—Agents and Support Queues.

How to Use Rules with Support Queues

Another neat aspect of Support Queues is you can also use them when creating rules for tickets.

You can set it as a "Condition":

Or as an "Action":

Now go create some Support Queues!

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