How does the iOS (iPhone/iPad) SDK work?

If you're interested in our iOS SDK, you're probably wondering what the user's experience looks like. Here's a quick walkthrough of our iOS SDK. It can vary slightly depending on how. 

Main Landing Page 

The main landing page allows the user to search, go
directly to posting an idea or sending a ticket. They
can also choose to browse your forum and Knowledge Base. 

Giving Feedback 

Users can search and browse ideas. By default
the ideas will be sorted according to your
settings in UserVoice (i.e. if you sort ideas by
"Hot" on your UserVoice site, they will be sorted by
"Hot" here as well).

When a user searches, we will show matching ideas.
They can also click "Post...." to share their own idea.

Viewing an Idea

When viewing an idea, a user can comment
or choose "I want this" to subscribe to the idea.

Contact Us 

When a user starts creating a ticket,
we try to match them to relevant articles.

If the user doesn't find the answer they need,
they can click "skip" andsend the ticket.
They will be asked for additional details like
custom fields and their email address
(if we don't already have it).

Common iOS SDK Questions

1. How do I use the iPhone/iPad SDK? Go to Settings  Channels  Scroll down to iOS apps  Click "Add iOS app." Be sure to check out our iOS SDK app documentation

2. Do I have to release the App through the App store? No. While we ask for an "iTunes Applicate ID," we don't require it.

3. Do you have an Android SDK? Yes, we do! You can learn more about it here

4. I only want to use the Ticketing System and Knowledge Base. Can I still use the iOS SDK? Yes. Check out the "Toggle Features" section in our iOS SDK documentation.

5. If users are signed in on my app, can automatically log them into the iOS SDK? Yes! You can find more details on our Github page.

6. In the Ticket Insight Report, what channel do tickets submitted via the iOS SDK show under? They will show under iOS SDK.

7. Can I create a rule for tickets submitted via the SDK? Yes, you can! When you create a rule, choose "Channel" and then choose "iOS SDK."

8. Does the iOS SDK's require internet access? Yes, they do. We do have an idea about changing this, though. Please, add your thoughts here

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