Inspector sidebar and gadgets

When you're answering a ticket, viewing an idea or click on a user's username, you'll see the Inspector sidebar on the right and different Gadgets that can give you insight on your users as you answer tickets or respond to feedback. 

Default Gadgets

By default Inspector will show you the following user information:

  • The user's profile information and social networks they might be plugged into
  • Their activity on your site including past tickets

This helps you get a quick feel for your user, but it doesn't stop there. You can also set up different Gadgets that let you pull in even more relevant information on your users.

Identify Gadgets

If you're using our Identify feature that lets you pass user and account traits. These will show in Inspector like this:

Want to learn more about Identify and how to use it? Check out this article.

Gadget Integrations

We also have three integrations that you can set up to pull in more data on users. You can pull in users latest tweets, information from Salesforce or SugarCRM. Here's one example...

To learn more about our Gadget integrations, check out these articles:

Create your own Gadget

But maybe you have your own CRM or another system you want to pull in information from. You can create your own custom gadget. Here's a custom gadget we created that pulls in information from our CRM:

This article explains how to do this. (Note: If you're not a developer, you will need one to create the custom gadget).

Other Inspector Settings  

If you click the gear icon at the very top right corner of Inspector, you'll see several different options...

  • View User Profile - opens a new browser tab directly to the profile page of the user.
  • Hide Inspector - hides the sidebar. To reveal it again, click the user's username.
  • Add/Remove gadgets - opens a tab to the settings page for these gadgets.

Inspector FAQs

What tool do you use to get user's social profile information? We use a service called FullContact to pull in that information. 

The name in Inspector is wrong. Why? FullContact pulls the user's name from their social profiles. The username that is displayed is what's connected to one of their social profiles. 

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