Setting up a Forum

Forums are an extremely powerful way to collect and respond to your customers’ ideas and suggestions. By default, a ‘General’ Forum has been created in your account. 

To make changes to your Forum...

  • Click on "Feedback" in the left hand menu. 
  • Click the Forum name
  • You'll see three tabs. Click the "Settings" tab.

Your Setting Options for a Forum

  • Forum Name: This is the name shown on your Feedback Site, typically a short label for the Forum (e.g. “Product X”).
  • Prompt: You can enter a prompt to guide the ideas submitted on the forum. Typically this will be in the form of a question (e.g. “What can we do to improve Product X”).
  • Field Placeholder: What the User will see in the idea input box. This will disappear when he or she starts typing. By default this is “Enter your Idea.”
  • Categories: You can further group topics into categories (e.g. “Product Color”). These categories appear to the customer in the right sidebar of the Forum page.
      •  Welcome Message: This will be shown at the top of the Forum page. You can enter plain text, Textile Markup, or even images from anywhere on the web (to insert an image, please enter the web address of the image, with an exclamation point at the beginning and end of the address.
      • Votes Allowed: The visitors to your Forum will get to vote on the submitted ideas. A user can select either 1, 2, or 3 votes to give to each idea. Use the dropdown to select the total number of votes available to each Forum visitor (or give them an unlimited amount).
      • Language: From the dropdown list, select the language for the entire Forum. This will change the language of the text in the user interface (though it won’t automatically translate user-generated content).

      Access Controls

      Forum State

      • Open: Users can submit ideas, as well as vote and comment on existing ones.
      • Closed: Users can’t submit ideas or vote on them, but can still comment on existing ones.
      • Delete this Forum: Permanently deleted the Forum and all ideas, comments, and votes. Use with caution! You may want to archive the contents first by exporting to a CSV.

      Make sure to click “Save Settings” at the bottom when you’re done!

      How do I add a new forum? Starting on our Enhanced Plan you can have multiple Forums. To add a new one sign into Admin Console, and click on "Settings" in the Admin Header → Choose"General" from the drop down menu → Click  Feedback Forums → Click Forums → Click “Add a new forum…” 

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