Set up custom email addresses for tickets with email forwarding

Tickets are created two ways—Customers use the "Contact Us" form, or they send an email to a specified address. By default, an email sent to becomes a ticket. 

But you may want to set up your own email address like You might even want to set up multiple email addresses. And you can!

Setting it up can be a little tricky, but you’ll be good to go after reading this article.

[If you'd like a visual walk through, check out this video on setting up your custom email address]

1. Set up Email Forwarding with Your Email Provider

First, you need to set up email forwarding with your email provider (e.g. Gmail/Google Apps). All emails from your chosen address need to be forwarded to your Helpdesk address.

For example, needs to forward to

You'll want to check with your email provider for how to set this up. Here is a guide for Gmail and Google Apps.

2. Add the custom email address in UserVoice

Now that you have forwarding set up, you need to add the email address in UserVoice. 

Click on "Settings" in the Admin Header → Click "General" → Scroll down and click "Custom Email Addresses" → Click "Add an email address." 

Enter the email address you want to use and save.

3. Modify Your DNS Records

You're almost done, but there's one more step if you want to ensure users get your responses. 

You or your IT person will need to add SPF records for your custom email address to your DNS settings. This helps prevent your emails from getting marked as spam. Check out this guide for modifying your DNS records.

Quick Tips:

If you're using Office365, check out this article with some additional tips on setting up email forwarding. 

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