How voting works

So you have your Forum all set up, but how does this whole voting system work?

How does voting work?

By default customers are given 10 votes per Forum (votes are counted across categories). Users cast votes in two ways...

  1. Creating Ideas: It takes at least one vote to create an idea. 
  2. Supporting Ideas: Users can also give 1—3 votes to any idea they support.

When a user has run out of votes, they will see this message in the Forum or in the Widget.

How do my users get their votes back?

Users will get their votes back when an idea they created or voted for is given a "Closed" status. They can also choose to redistribute their votes at any time. Learn more about how users get their votes back.

But aren't we limiting users' great ideas?

Your users have great ideas, and you don't want to silence their voice. However, the advantage of a 10 vote limit is it gives everyone an equal voice. Also, it forces your users to prioritize ideas, making it easier to see which ideas are most important to customers.

However, this isn't the right fit for every company, so starting on our Plus Plan, you can customize how many votes users receive. Learn more about changing your voting limits.

Can I see which users voted for a specific idea?

You sure can. Go to Feedback (left hand menu) -> Click on the Forum -> Click on the idea -> Click the "Users" tab at the top. You can then see how many votes each user gave the idea.

Can I give certain users more votes?

No, not at this time, but we do have an idea on our Forum you might want to check out: Per user vote limits.

How does voting work with the SmartVote widget?

With SmartVote, the user is shown a set of two ideas and can "pick" the one they want you to build next. They then have the option to subscribe to the idea. No votes are given to the idea if the user creates it or picks it in SmartVote. However, you, as the admin, can still see which ideas win, and how often in the User Feedback Report. 

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